Some thoughts on 4.dan shinsa

These are just some very general thoughts for 4.dan shinsa, coming from a 7.dan in the AUSKF..

Try as much to demonstrate solid basics.
If you attack don't hold back and don't swipe at the kote.
Do not back up.
Try to use a strong kamae and penetrate with hit.
Don't make too many strikes a couple good ones made strongly and at the right time are all you need.
Do not worry about the other person hitting you but if possible receive their attack and counter. If I was on your exam board, first and formost for 4 dan I want to see correct footwork and use of hands.

By "penetrate with hit", I mean as follows:
Penetrate by phyiscally taking the center, penetrate with your ki in the sense of taking the center.
Penetrate by taking the other person's spot, hit through them not to them.
Penetrate by cutting down to the throat level.
By taking their spot think of a large ocean wave breaking on the shore. If it breaks over you it knocks you down and sweeps you away. If it breaks before you all the power goes into sand at your feet. You need to break over the opponent.
Cut to the throat means strike with enough power that you would cut down to the throat level not down to the stomach. Nor so light that you barely cut into their head.